Breaking: TikTok-famous Christian chastity advocates demonstrate on 8th Ave


Students gather around taunting “Brother Jed” Smock as he preaches. Photo by Shabana Gupta

By Alanis Gonzalez 

This afternoon, a religious demonstration led by TikTok-famous “Sister Cindy” occurred on 8th Avenue in between the HSSC and Younker Hall.

“Sister Cindy”and “Brother Jed,” along with other demonstrators, carried various signs with anti-sex messages like “Slut shaming time,” “Be a ho no mo,” and “Ask me why you’re going to hell.”

Cynthia and Jed Smock spoke with the anti-sex, anti-abortion, homophobic, and transphobic advocation that has made them a subject of ridicule online and on college campuses.

At about 1 p.m., members of SGA, President Anne Harris, Dean of Students Ben Newhouse and various other administrators instructed students to vacate the area. The College also sent an email and text message via the emergency notification system instructing students to avoid 8th Ave. Campus Safety officers observed the events for any “incidences of criminality.”

As of 4:30 p.m., the demonstrators are still on 8th Ave.