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May 6, 2024
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May 6, 2024

Horoscope: Your Zodiac’s Cat Breed

Henry Loomis

Aries: Siamese 

March 21-April 19 

You are just as outspoken as the Siamese, known as the most conversational of the cats. Hopefully, you know when to keep your mouth shut!  

Taurus: Ragdoll  

April 20-May 20  

A breed for first-time cat owners. You pride yourself on being easy to get along with. While you are friendly to all you meet, the only person you truly need is yourself.  

Gemini: Munchkin  

May 21-June 20  

Known as one of the most high-maintenance breeds, you demand much upkeep. Don’t worry, people can deal with your two faces because they’re both so cute.  

Cancer: Scottish Fold  

June 21-July 22  

Like this cat breed, you are the embodiment of cozying up on a rainy day. You are affectionate and caring to everyone around you. We all need a friend like you in this cold Iowa spring.  

Leo:  Maine Coon  

July 23-August 22  

The largest personality goes to one of the largest cat breeds. Congratulations, Leo, you are officially the topic of conversation in the world of cats.  

Virgo: Sphynx  

August 23-September 22  

As the most practical sign, it makes sense that you would be the most practical cat breed — for people with allergies. We can picture you in a cute knit sweater that, of course, you thrifted.  

Libra: Persian  

September 23-October 22   

While neither of you are quite at the Tinkerbell level (yet), both you and this adorable cat breed love attention. This isn’t a problem for you though because while people are initially drawn to your outward aesthetics they stay for your fantastic personality. 

Scorpio: Bengal  

October 23-November 21  

The feistiest cat for the feistiest sign. You never fail to show up at a party, and we bet you have been caught in leopard print on at least one occasion.  

Sagittarius: Norwegian Forest Cat  

November 22-December 21  

As the name may suggest, this breed shares your independence and love of exploration. While we admire your self-sufficiency, remember to come home every once in a while. We miss you! 

Capricorn:  British Shorthair  

December 22-January 19  

You appreciate routine and thrive when you are surrounded by your comfort objects. Like the British Shorthair, you’ve got bags of character hidden behind your dapper smile.  

Aquarius: Russian Blue    

January 20-February 18  

Too smart for your own good, like the Russian Blue, you often end up in sticky situations. While that may not always be falling from attempting to knock the catnip off the refrigerator, it definitely will have been for your over self-reliance.  

Pisces:  Bombay 

February 19-March 20 

They say curiosity killed the cat, but that never stopped you or the industrious Bombay cats. You like to push boundaries for fun and we’re sure that’s always worked out well for you … right? 

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Henry Loomis
Henry Loomis, Graphic Designer
Henry Loomis is a second-year studio art major from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  He loves books, trees, the artist Ellen Gallagher, movies, but especially queer films involving the ocean, and grows more obsessed with Joanna Newsom every day (the songs seem long, but he promises they’re engaging).
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