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Horoscope: What the Signs are saying about spring break

Henry Loomis

We invited guest columnists Kian Witherspoon `25 and Kenn Anderson `24 to write this week’s horoscope. Enjoy! — Tired Taurus and Pisces Player

The long awaited spring break is here, which means some of you are going home. Astrology aside, home often triggers repetitive cycles in your life that you may not even be aware of. These cycles are supposed to incur learning, but if you are not paying attention, it is very easy to fall victim to the same cycles that are trying to teach you. Are you doing exactly what you were a year ago by texting your ex for a sneaky link? Are you still hanging out with those friends from high school that you no longer feel connected to? Well let’s see what astrology has to say about it! Hopefully, this astrology segment can offer you words of wisdom to mull over. 

You should know what the planets are currently in: 

Sun: Pisces 

Moon: Aquarius 

Mars: Aquarius 

Venus: Aquarius 

Saturn: Pisces 

Well, what does that mean for me, you ask? This does not mean much if you do not have any personal placements (sun, moon, rising, mars, venus) in Pisces or Aquarius. If you do — that depends! Below is a guide for all the signs’ navigation through current transits and planetary placements to answer the question: What should I know about this spring break? 

We encourage you to check for your sun, moon, rising and venus. If you do not know any of your placements, navigate to and enter your name, date, time, and place of birth to have a birth chart created. Any other questions? Contact us directly and inquire about a chart reading! 


March 21-April 19  

You will transform once you stop avoiding making the difficult decisions that will save you. Ask yourself if the situation you are in is more difficult than the decision you are being tasked to make. A new lover may come along as well. Your blessings come with the risks you take. 


April 20-May 20

Someone may try to deceive you — a lover. No more bottling things up, you will have a chance to express yourself. Someone wants to help you because they see you struggling. Be open to asking for help! Be honest with others so that your comfort can be prioritized. 


May 21-June 20  

Rekindling lost connections, this time finding the bliss that was lacking before. Growing your capacity for how you approach loving, losing and building relationships. Prioritizing longevity over a good time. 


June 21-July 22  

Working on issues with dependency, finding joy in your own company. Falling for someone not ready to commit. Many celebrations. Taking small steps toward something that once felt impossible. 


July 23-August 22  

Shedding an old skin for something with more room. Reprocessing your disdain for how others handle you in conflict. Deep reflection will bring you to realizations that offer clarity. Tasked with courageousness. 


August 23-September 22  

Finally setting boundaries after being crossed too many times. These boundaries will be questioned but it is your job to rid yourself of anyone who cannot respect them. You’ve been processing a lot of turmoil but once you do, it will not live in your body anymore so do not worry. You’re growing, and it is noticeable. 


September 23-October 22   

Your spirit will be reignited. Feeling better about your appearance so much so that intimacy is on the table again. You will receive a lot of attention but do not let this change your spirit. There is someone you need to apologize to, set your pride aside now or potentially suffer later. 


October 23-November 21  

Letting go of the conflict that has been heavy on your heart. Being blessed with money, love and patience for outgrowing yourself. Lacking energy but still finding time for those you love. Committing to exercising your inner strength and resolve after conflicts come to a close. 


November 22-December 21  

Reconciliation with an ex, speaking your truth. Job opportunities lining up, and releasing whatever is holding you back from your ideal circumstances. Moving from a state of passivity to taking action as you see fit. 


December 22-January 19  

Having important conversations about the pain you’ve been experiencing. Feeling more confident about communicating and your self-awareness. Fully realizing yourself, rebirth. 


January 20-February 18  

Energy picking up and acting on it to your advantage. Decompressing and feeling more in tune with your body. Feeling more aligned with who you’ve become instead of grieving who you were. 


February 19-March 20 

Someone may come along to test your patience and challenge your growth. Accepting their apology could mean reentering your cycle with them, but it is up to you to choose, always. You will have many causes for celebration as well. 

Remember y’all, if it don’t apply, let it fly!

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