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Feven Getachew
Feven Getachew
May 6, 2024
Michael Lozada
Michael Lozada
May 6, 2024
Nathan Hoffman
Nathan Hoffman
May 6, 2024
Harvey Wilhelm `24.
Harvey Wilhelm
May 6, 2024

Check-in with the S&B staff on election day!

At The S&B, our commitment to journalistic integrity is second only to our civic responsibility. Check-in with the staff to see the Where, When and How of our journeys to the ballot (or mail) box.

Eva Hill ’22, News Editor

Eva Hill ’22 posing with her sticker after voting in Massachusetts. Photo contributed by Eva Hill.

I voted early in-person in Massachusetts in mid-October. This was the first time I’d been eligible to vote in a presidential election, and it was definitely strange to do it under pandemic conditions, but my town has been doing a great job of supplying poll workers with appropriate PPE and laying out the early-voting polling place so that it was easy to maintain social distancing.

Zoe Fruchter ’21, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Zoe Fruchter votes at the Poweshiek County Courthouse. Photo contributed by Zoe Fruchter.

I voted early on Saturday with my friends (and podmates) Chloe Wray and Esme Rummelhart, both ’21, at the Poweshiek County Courthouse. The process was quick and easy thanks to the hard work of Missy Eilander and her staff. We stopped at Diamond Lake Park afterward to reflect on the possibilities and limitations of voting as a technology of social change.

Shabana Gupta ’22, Staff Writer

Shabana Gupta ’22 voted by mail in Iowa. Photo contributed by Shabana Gupta.

I was able to vote by mail without much trouble. I live in Iowa, so the ballot got to me pretty quick and I sent it back out the next day. Everything was in and processed by Oct. 15. My roommate had a ton of different issues with mail and her absentee ballot, though, and I drove her to vote early in Montezuma. That’s an hour away from where we live.

Francesca Dalla Betta ’22, Social Media Coordinator

Francesca Dalla Betta ’22 drove to Montezuma in the snow to vote. Photo Contributed by Francesca Dalla Betta.

This year, I transferred my voter registration to Iowa – where I was able to vote in this election – as Iowa is now home for me. I received my absentee ballot, filled it out and drove it to Montezuma (amidst the snow!) to ensure it made its way safely and on time. My voting process went smoothly, and I am keenly aware that this ease and sense of safety reflects privilege that I am afforded and that many are not

Nina Baker ’24, Copy Editor

Nina Baker ’24 filled out her Minnesota absentee ballot from California. Photo submitted by Nina Baker.

I’m from Minnesota but am living in California this semester, so I voted absentee via the mail, back in early October. Funny story: the County actually sent my ballot to the wrong address initially, so it had to be sent back to me!

Noa Goldman ’22, Staff Writer

Noa Goldman ’22 waited in line for 25 minutes to vote at her local community center. Photo contributed by Noa Goldman.

I voted early, on Nov. 2, at my local community center in Chicago, IL. I only waited in line for 25 minutes before voting on a ‘giant iPad’ style electronic voting machine. Hand sanitizer was provided!

Ingrid Meulemans ’22, Features and Arts Editor

Ingrid Meulemans ’22 and Luna pose by a mailbox after sending in their absentee ballot. Photo contributed by Ingrid Meulemans.

I sent my absentee ballot in last month from a mailbox outside of City Hall! It’s 60 degrees and sunny today in Milwaukee, Wisconsin though, so I thought I would walk my dogs, Luna and Lemon (not pictured because she was laying on the sidewalk taking a break), to the mailbox by my house! It was me and Luna’s first time voting in a presidential election, but since Lemon is approximately 80 human years old, she’s a pro.

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