Students Speak: Winter Break Top 5


S&B writer Anneliese Stattelman ’22 and photographer Paul Hill ’23 chatted with students returning from break in the Spencer Grill about the five things that defined their month away from Grinnell.

“Sleep, food, sisters, games. … Can I say sleep again?” -Abigail Lewis ’20
“Certified nursing assistant training, New Year’s Eve, going to a rave at Echostage, Vietnamese food and family.” -Lynn Nguyen ’20
“Family, food, sleep, friends, soccer.” -Devansh Changothia ’21
“Friends, alcohol, Uber, boys and CBS.” -Amari Brooks ’20
“Grinnell, Noyce, Florida, the swim team, Erin Hurley.” -Jonathan Rebelsky ’20
“Paul Hill’s memes, my mother because I spent the whole time with her, my newest cousin, … travel! I love travel, it reunited my passion to actually stay disciplined and focused and dedicated to what I’m passionate about, which is opening up a travel blog and being an entrepreneur and other ambitions that I have. It was good that I went to India, I went to London, Winchester and Texas.” -Autumn McMillan ’21