Women’s marches across the nation






“I went to the D.C. Women’s March with my mom. They emphasized a lot of women of color, queer women, disabled women, Muslim women. It’s so much more than just white feminism and there were a lot of signs about white privilege and white fragility, and I thought that was a really cool take … to see this new wave of feminism that’s inclusive of so many other identities as well as being a woman.”

-Ceci Bergman ’19, in Washington D.C.

“In New York, it actually was pretty intersectional. … It was definitely more white than I would have liked to see being that New York is a very diverse city. But as far as the signage … there were a lot of trans people there with signs, there were signs about environmental justice and racial equality as well. But definitely not as much as I would have liked to have seen. It was not as intersectional as it could have been.”

-Fintan Mason ’17, in New York City

“I decided to join the Chicago Women’s March last minute. I had just flown into the city the night before and had plans to drive to Grinnell the following day, but, despite the chaos, the march felt like an impossible event to miss. It was empowering to stand next to such a proud, diverse, and opinionated crowd of women. The Women’s March made history last weekend and I’m so thankful that I got to play a part in it.”

-Megan Tcheng ’19, in Chicago

Photo by Eva Lilienfeld ’17 in San Francisco


Photo by Megan Tcheng ’19 in Chicago.

Photo by Zane Silk ’19 in Minneapolis.

Photos by Andrew Zdechlik ’19 in Denver.