Community Speaks: Halloween


“I’m the Hulk … He’s awesome!” -Blake

In celebration of Halloween, The S&B’s Sarach Licht ’22 and photographer Liz Paik ’22 ventured out Halloween night in order to catch the superheroes, spirits, and other spooky creatures of Grinnell – and their canine compatriots – in action as they roamed the streets looking for a trick, or a treat.

“I am an alien who snuck onto Earth and is now dressed as a human to fit in. And my dog Jocko is an alien disguised as a dog with a sweater and pearls on.” -David
“I’m the Hulk … He’s awesome!” -Blake
“[I’m] a cowgirl … It was easy.” -Halle
“I’m Little Red Riding Hood, and my dog Ronin is the Big Bad Wolf.” -Bella
“I’m a robber … It was easy to make.” -Katie
“We’re both masquerade runaways!” -Crissy and Alicia