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Day in the Life: Emma Falley ’15

Emma Falley. Photograph by Joanna Silverman.

7:00 a.m.—Wake up to roommate’s alarm in a panic.

7:01 a.m.—Realize it’s not mine and fall back asleep.

8:15 a.m.—Wake up to my alarm—check the weather, G-Licious and Yik Yak to see if it’s worth getting out of bed.

8:20 a.m.—Dress/brush teeth/wash face/eat granola (all while listening to Kesha Pandora).

8:50 a.m.—Dash out of Cowles to get to class.

9:00 a.m.-11:50 a.m.—Wade through readings and try to remember what I thought was important. Inevitably have to go to the bathroom. Spend the rest of my mental energy trying to figure out when I should go that won’t be awkward in the discussion/my professor won’t glare at me.

Emma Falley. Photograph by Joanna Silverman.
Emma Falley. Photograph by Joanna Silverman.

11:52 a.m.—Freedom! Just kidding, lunch hour meeting.

12:45 p.m.—Lunch (hopefully falafel quesadilla or southwest black bean soup).

1:15 p.m.—Wait in Grill before class starts and attempt to do work (Inevitably run into Amul Gyawali ’15 and Varun Nayar ’15).

2:05 p.m.—Walk to class.

2:13 p.m.—Try to convince professor to have class outside.

2:15 p.m.-4:05 p.m.—Sit in class for two hours, salty that we aren’t outside. Try to keep up with the 10 follow-up questions to my comment that lasted approximately seven seconds.

4:06 p.m.—Relief … kidding, again. Walk to gym to start dryland before practice. Lucy Gross ’17 attempts to scare me during my workout.

4:30 p.m.—Practice. Try to remember how to dive again with minimal smacking and plenty of sneaking off to the hot tub between dives.

6:35 p.m.—Shower, then dance party in the locker room.

7:15 p.m.—Dinner with the team. A mega table is inevitably created and I potentially lose friends because of the inconvenience.

7:45 p.m.—Attempt to sneak out more than one piece of fruit.

8:00 p.m.—Rush to meeting in hopes there are snacks.

8:50 p.m.—Walk to next meeting knowing there are no snacks because I didn’t buy any…

10:00 p.m.—Homework time (Grill time). Find Abby Goreham ’15 Joined by Dany Jaime Garcia ’15, Allie Walker ’15 and Jessica Wood ’16.

12:30 a.m.—(Hopefully by this time) Walking home to my Cowles apartment (with Abby) in the hopes my apartment mates are still awake and drinking wine (shout out Hayley Hajic, Emily Hilton and Natalia Nakaidze, all ’15).

If you’re interested in writing a Day in the Life, email a version to Max Mindock at [mindockm].

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