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Day in the Life–Darwin Manning ’13

Carl Sessions

7:53 a.m.—Wake up from another passionate dream where I was taking to the streets of D.C. Occupy style, possibly flashback from last Fall
7:55 a.m.—Clean up from my 1 a.m. snack of pistachios and darkened pretzels accompanied with viewing of The Dictator
7:58 a.m.—Check my phone and see that my dad has already run off a few early morning texts: ‘rise n’ shine’ and that my mom is perplexed about an inept electrician, who has no idea what he is trying to do in fixing our dryer
8:05 a.m.—Listen to a bit of my prayers, while tidying up my digs and organizing my backpack
8:11 a.m.—Relaxing shower, where I belt out my favorite Stevie Wonder tunes
8:20 a.m.—Find the right dash of color for the day and make sure that I have not frozen my night crawlers that I was fishing with last evening
8:30 a.m.—Make the pillage [sic] outside into another gorgeous Iowa day and greet my bike with a warm embrace
8:33 a.m.—Mom calls to discuss issues faced with last night’s call about family real estate and the man who calls himself an electrician.
8:42 a.m.—Head into breakfast while greeting many along the way
8:43 a.m.—Opt out of the eggs-to-order line, as the Plat Du Jour seems like a solid option, and proceed to discuss Congressional Politics with Peter B.
9:05 a.m.—Realize that I totally forgot that I was supposed to have an interview with Coach Arseneault Jr. Head over to the grille but decide to email
9:15 a.m.—Head over to my favorite spot for work on campus, the CCL, and proceed to look through work for Spanish to make sure I crossed and dotted all the lines
9:45 a.m.—Visit our snazzy campus bookstore to pick up one of the books needed for the Chinese class that I have recently had an inclination to audit
9:55 a.m.—Find myself in a room with people who have quite a bit more background in this foreign tongue than myself. Not deterred, as I spent two weeks in China back in ’08, manage quite well with the translation book that I carried around
10:52 a.m.—Send out emails as I head to ARH 3rd floor for some quality time in a language more familiar to me, Spanish.
11:55 a.m.—After I say my final ‘tienes un buena dia,’ head back over to the CCL to work with intensity on my Watson Application
12:25 p.m.—Realize that I should probably head for lunch as the ridiculous crowd has passed and I have reached a good stopping point
12:40 p.m.—Indulge in BLT pizza and spinach salad while conversing with various folks
1:12 p.m.—Head out for perhaps my most demanding class, Tennis. On arrival, discover no Coach and find two tennis players practicing in Fieldhouse and join them instead
2:01p.m. —Venture back, always by bike, to the JRC for my Seminar on CC with the wonderful Marzluff and Moyer.
4:06 p.m.—Talk for a bit after class with Mayor Moyer and reflect on another superbly entertaining and enlightening class
4:15 p.m.—Discuss prospects of bringing guest musician, a tabla player from NY, during the first week of December with Prof. Perman
4:30 p.m.—Attend a highly informative talk in JRC 101 on the state of education in Iowa
5:02 p.m.—Find the bookstore is closed and in the mirror a huge rip down the back of my pants
5:07 p.m.—Watch two hawks fly overhead with US Flag at half-mast in foreground as I talk with Uri
5:15 p.m.—Stop by my room to pick up/drop off
5:40 p.m.—Find myself down at the Community Meal and work my darnedest to ensure that the folks gathered receive some Iowa hospitality
6:40 p.m.—Stop at Relish to fill out my W-4 form, as I recently started working there
6:55 p.m.—Up at the PEC, I mean Darby weight room for a bit, until I find myself climbing on the rock wall
7:42 p.m.—Dinnertime and yes I will have the stir fry noodle dish, and some more spinach salad, and a hilarious conversation with some tall second years
8:12 p.m.—Find myself in the voice box organizing with the Campus Democrats
8:42 p.m.—Find myself over at Herrick for a few prayers with GSC
9:08 p.m.—Ask a question in JRC 101 based on my background in the NYC public school system
9: 22 p.m.—Reflect with a group of NYers and Tristate’ers on 9/11, recount my story of watching from my fifth grade classroom windows in Red Hook
9:52 p.m.—Over to CCL to charge my phone
10:20 p.m.—Talk with my main man Ombrezzy from BK
10:45 p.m.—Play a bit of music in the Collegium Room
11:05 p.m.—Find myself meandering through the grille talking to various folks
11:20 p.m.—Back to Watson App and various readings
11:59 p.m.—Kicked out of CCL, head back to dorm for some loggia refuge with Steely Dan, dreaming about a visit to the floor of the House.

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  • G

    grinnell college studentApr 8, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    LOL HUH?

    luh you hard, darwin.

  • D

    Dominic (Chocolate Bear)Sep 20, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    This man is fascinating! If you ever get bored, Darwin, let’s chill!