Police Confront Students in Lyle’s Pub

Two Saturdays ago, a Grinnell Police Officer entered Lyle’s Pub, checked several students’ IDs, and left without citing anyone inside the pub.

The police officer originally came into the pub looking for several students who he had seen smoking and drinking on the grass in front of the JRC. When the police officer approached the group of smokers and drinkers, they fled inside the building.

As the officer approached the JRC, another student was leaving the building holding a can of beer, and the officer cited him for a minor in possession before the officer went into Lyle’s to look for the other students, according to Sargent Chris Wray.

Even though it is uncommon for the police to come into Lyle’s and question students, it is legal, according to RLC Dan Hirsh.

“It’s completely within their rights, and it happens at most places outside of school,” Hirsh said, explaining that Lyle’s is a public place and the liquor license gives the police the right to uphold the drinking age. That being said, this is the first time this year that police have come into Lyle’s uninvited, according to a student.