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With another week comes another set of delicious meals. As we start the descent into the depths of winter, we can always rely on food to warm our hearts and our stomachs. So throw on your handmade hats and warmest coats, and let’s make some delicious food that will help take away winter’s harsh bite.

On a cold, blustery day, a salad seems unpalatable, at least to me. However, vegetables are still super important during the winter. How can you drop those oh-so-cold salads for the winter but still have enough vegetables? The answer is soup! Simply get a bowl (preferably the ones used for stir-fry vegetables) and add a scoop of soup to it. Next, depending on the soup, add a variety of vegetables from the salad bar to this soup. I like to chop mine into smaller bits before I add it to the soup bowl. Next, add some seasonings and sauces, perhaps some legumes and microwave for a short time to allow the vegetables to be cooked in the soup. I personally look forward to adding red peppers, celery, carrots, black beans, cheddar cheese, pepper, sriracha, and chili powder to the Wisconsin Cheese soup. It should be delicious and adds a great deal of variety to your winter meals.

Sandwiches are also another one of my favorite winter staples. Nothing is quite as wonderful as biting into a warm, filling sandwich when the cold winter winds have sapped you of your strength. Our feature sandwich of the week is the hummus-yummus sandwich. I like to start with an everything or wheat bagel and then toast it ’til it is golden brown. Next, I like to slather on some scrumptious (and MUCH improved) hummus from the vegan bar on both halves of the bagel and stick some sliced red peppers on the inside. This simple sandwich is vegetarian-friendly, filling, warming, and full of protein and tastiness. It is a great option if you are in a rush and want to have a substantial meal.

My final creation of the week is a delectable drink that can also serve as a dessert. Fill up a green glass about halfway with coffee, then fill an additional quarter of the glass with chocolate milk. Next, head over to the ice cream station, and fill the remaining quarter of the glass with an ice cream of your choice. Raspberry Chocolate Chunk and Mint Chocolate Chunk both add a fun twist to the drink, but classic vanilla ice cream is also great. After adding the ice cream, swirl on a topping of caramel and chocolate sauce and dash cinnamon on top to your liking. Add additional sugar packets and creamer to your personal taste. The Grinnellicino is the ultimate pick-me-up on a dreary day. The practicality of the caffeine and the decadence of the ice cream combine to make this a great go-to wintertime drink.

Warm foods and drinks are invaluable as the days get colder. Blending aspects of your favorite foods can create incredible dishes with vibrant new flavors. Try combining the potatoes of the day with different sauces and toppings for a variation on baked potatoes, or pile your pizza and pasta high with unusual ingredients. The more variety you have in your food, the more exciting your meals will be. Enjoy our transition into the winter months with some delicious new food choices. You stay classy, Grinnell diners.

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