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Adventerous Mistry adopts audacious recipes

As the year comes to a close, and the Dining Hall has grown as predictable as an old friend, let’s take the time to explore the intricacies of ingredients more intimately. Allow herbs and spices to unlock hidden flavors, mix sauces to adorn your favorite foods, and combine and experiment with the dishes to find new creations. Enjoy these creations and your own as we count down the final weeks of this year at Grinnell.

The Galley Man Burger, usurper of the Galley Boy. Photograph taken by Eric Mistry.

In celebration of the triumphant return of spinach to the Dining Hall, I’ve crafted a victory bagel pizza. Simply toast a bagel, lightly apply some marinara sauce from pasta bar to each half, layer some mozzarella cheese, then some spinach (ripped into bite sized leaves), and finally cover with some more mozzarella cheese. Garnish with some Italian seasoning and parmesan cheese by the pasta bar again and proceed to the microwave. As the cheese melts, and the aroma of the Italian seasonings waft through the air, savor your bagel pizza. This base recipe also takes well to customization, whether by adding more vegetables or by changing sauces or layering meat into the mix.

Another great option for your everyday meal combines ingredients from pasta bar and vegan bar to create a dish that tastes like it is fresh off the stir-fry bar. Begin at vegan bar with a small bowl; fill it with tofu, then soak the tofu with soy sauce, tabasco, and sprinkle some ginger or chili powder on top. Take this bowl of infused tofu over to the pasta bar and stand in the line for custom-made pasta. Opt for the vegetables of your choice, and then ask to add the tofu. The sauces and spices will mix well into your vegetables, and should also be absorbed by the pasta when it is added to the dish. This option is great for vegetarians looking to get some more protein in their diet thanks to the large amount of tofu one can add to it.

If breakfast is the part of the day where your meals seem rather dull, this next item is made just for you! It is possible to make a delicious and filling breakfast burrito every single day. Begin by acquiring a tortilla for each burrito you want to make. Next, stop by the front of the eggs to order line and ask for them to toss some cheese on your tortillas. After the cheese, I add the eggs and other fillings from plat du jour, and microwave it until I see the tortilla bubble (about 30 seconds, button #3 on the school microwaves). Roll it up tightly, folding the bottom in before rolling to hold the food in, and enjoy! A dessert variation on the breakfast burrito uses peanut butter, jelly, honey, caramel, and frosted flakes to make every morning sweet as can be.

The following dish is simple, filling, customizable, and great for everyone. It lacks an actual name, but I like to call it Layers of Carbs. Start with a plate from the pizza bar, and lay out whatever the option for fries/potatoes is from the Honor G grill. Head over to vegan bar, but add a layer of cheese and some sauce of your choice to the potatoes before you get there. Once at vegan bar, carefully layer some rice on top of the potatoes and press them down. Next, get some more cheese from salad bar, and some spices, such as herbes de Provence, and microwave until you see the top layer of cheese begin to melt. Enjoy this rich, delicious dish and be sure to try variations in order to discover your favorite.

The final item is rare, but is filling enough to satiate even the most voracious of appetites. This is the evolution of the famous Galley Boy burger, the Galley Man. Begin with the standard Galley Boy burger. Add French fries between the two patties and take it to the sandwich bar. Have the sandwich bar layer it with your favorite meats, cheeses, and sandwich toppings and toast it. Finally, add your sauce to the sandwich and chow down on this behemoth of a burger.

Food can become art. Do not settle for normal food, but customize and create it. Make your food a reflection of what you like. Everything you eat should be delicious, for the point of food is to be savored. A little bit of time spent on preparation can make your meal even more fulfilling.

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