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Maven Mistry dishes up some decadent desserts

Dessert, the delightful end of an enjoyable meal, is one of the Dining Hall’s strongest sections. However, monotony can invade even the best dessert bar, especially if the same options seem to repeat. Today, the Dining Hall will be revealed to hold a plethora of hidden dessert options, ranging from fairly healthy to devilishly decadent. No matter what mood you are in, the chances are good that one of these recipes will help end your meal on a delicious note.

We’ll start with our healthiest options—depending on how you make these items, they are either guilt-free, or too delicious to feel guilty about. These two recipes start at the fresh fruit station next to the sandwich station. For the first, grab an apple and a knife, and cut your apple into wedges. Next, take it over to the dessert area to either drizzle or dunk the apple pieces in caramel. If the apples are refusing to cooperate, or you’re in the mood for something different, snag a banana from the fruit bar, and slice it into bite-sized bits. You can top this with chocolate sauce, caramel, or even some ice cream. Bananas are a great source of nutrients, so feel great about eating this for dessert. These little snacks are always available and would go well with any meal. (If you’re looking to add some crunch to either recipe, sprinkle some of the vegan granola from the cereal bar on your newest desserts.)

The next choices of enhanced dessert will make final component of the meal the envy of your tablemates. Rather than accepting the admittedly scrumptious, yet disappointingly plain rice krispie treat, cookie or other bar as is, opt to add some delicious extras. Spread some peanut butter on any of the above, drizzle some honey, and you’ve got an excessively yummy, yet super simple dessert. Cereals, such as frosted flakes, add some extra flavor and crazy crunch. These add—ons can also supplement pieces of pie, tortillas, or bagels. Nearly everything is better covered in peanut butter and honey. Experiment and enjoy!

If more traditional desserts are your thing, look no farther than the quintessential dessert of society, ice cream. The ice cream machine, already a popular dining hall destination, has potential for so many delicious combinations. For instance, one should never have to choose between cookies or ice cream; just eat both in an ice cream sandwich! Simply take a cookie, dispense some ice cream on it, stack another cookie on top, and there you have it, an easy to make and satisfying ice cream sandwich. Sometimes, the ice cream special flavor isn’t appealing, and the vanilla is just too plain; this instance calls for some help from the spice rack. Locate the cinnamon, and lightly sprinkle some onto the ice cream. The flavor combination is reminiscent of cinnamon rolls, with the sweet vanilla offsetting the strong cinnamon. The next dessert modification of the day is relatively simple. If you are going to eat ice cream in a cone, stuff the bottom of the cone with fruit, chocolate sauce, or caramel for a special treat when your ice cream runs out. Finally, if you’re craving a delicious and very filling dessert, make a milkshake! Simply grab a glass, add some ice cream until it fills in about æ of the container, throw in your choice of mix-ins, and add some milk to your glass to make the mixing easier. This dessert is really open to modification, and everyone can make a personal favorite. I opt for ice cream with chocolate sauce, diced bananas, and a scoop of peanut butter that combine to create an unforgettable delicious drink.

As always, enjoy the Dining Hall. It’s filled with great food, you don’t have to cook or clean, and you can always find something delectable with some creativity. These desserts are all good starting points, but your favorite combination may be one experiment away. Keep making great food, and eat well.

-Eric Mistry ’14

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