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Feven Getachew
Feven Getachew
May 6, 2024
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Michael Lozada
May 6, 2024
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Nathan Hoffman
May 6, 2024
Harvey Wilhelm `24.
Harvey Wilhelm
May 6, 2024

Two apartments in downtown Grinnell make cozy homes for selves, Part II

Dylan Gumm ’11, Derek Gumm ’11 and Pat Stuchlik ’11 found it pretty convenient to live together this year. The Gumms are twins and have been good friends with Stuchlik since their first year. They, like Horecki and Blakely, also inherited their apartment from a former Grinnellian, Lucy Schiller ’10. They visited her apartment last year and really liked it, so when it became available this year, they jumped on their chance to live there.

The weather hasn’t hindered their fondness for their apartment either. The residents maintain that the walk isn’t that bad.

“It’s maybe a ten minute walk [to campus] from here,” Derek Gumm said.

Though the house isn’t in the best condition, all of the inhabitants love the living space. The ceilings are high and the heating works really well, which they’re very thankful for. The previous residents left a lot of stuff behind, most of which had to be thrown away, but they also left all the couches the residents currently have, most of which are comfortable and in good condition.

However, they did have to find a coffee table for the apartment, and the result was very creative.

“We found a door and used that as our coffee table,” Derek said.

Though it’s mostly practical, it also enables the residents to have social events as well.

“It works out great for beer die,” said Stuchlik, referring to the popular drinking game.

Unfortunately, it’s too low to the ground for beer pong.

Even though they live downtown, many antics do take place in their building. Over Labor Day weekend, parts of the soccer alumni party were held in their building, so many soccer players from the College were there.

“At four in the morning, one of them was practicing kicking his shoe in the hallway and totally knocked out our window. I woke up in the morning to glass all over the place,” Derek said.

Like crazy stories, some of the apartment’s fixtures also add to its character. Its bathroom is the source for much of its uniqueness. “We have a curious toilet,” Stuchlik said.

It requires the user to hold down the handle for the entirety of the flush.

“That toilet has taught me patience,” Derek said.

“It’s made me a better person,” added Stuchlik. They also fight many a battle with their shower.

“The highest part of the floor in the shower is actually the drain,” Derek said. “So we constantly have to deal with mold in there.”

Unfortunately, the residents also have a bad track record with their plants, many of which haven’t made it, including the one they were babysitting for a friend.

“I think right now we’re two for five. That’s less than 50 percent. We’re getting an F,” Derek said.

They reminisced over the time that they had a really nice tree in their living room. This was before they realized that they needed to filter the Grinnell water, and the aforementioned tree died because of their lack of this information. However, the few plants they have left are looking health and strong.

“We don’t have to water them that often. I guess only the plants that can survive on their own survive here,” Derek said.

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