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Students Speak: Caucus Candidates

Photos and quotes taken by Wini Austin [austinwi].


Anna Wilson ’22

“I think she’s very likable, that’s kind of my biggest thing. Of all of the candidates, I think she’s the most ‘for the people.’ I like Bernie a lot, but in all of his years in office, he’s never really been able to solidify and get things done, which I think Warren has the power to do. Plus, I would love to have a woman president, which is a big part of it.”


Jasper Egge ’20

“Something that Bernie’s been saying that’s really important is this issue of voter turnout. The past few elections that have been won by Republicans are ones that have been won because young people just haven’t been going out to vote and I think Bernie can really generate the buzz around him to make people go vote. I also think the time has passed for these ideas like healthcare for all and free education. They aren’t ludicrous anymore; it’s pretty clear that these are things that we need, these are things that are implemented in countries all around the world that work, and he’s the person who’s saying we’re not going to compromise on these things, we’re just gonna do it.”


Mary Dillon ’22

“I’m pretty torn between voting with my policy beliefs and voting with someone I think is going to be electable. I think it’s a big thing throughout the country. Other people I’ve talked to who don’t know who they’re caucusing for also feel the same way. I really like Elizabeth Warren and her policy positions, but I also think that she’d be more of a controversial candidate. I’m between her and Amy Klobuchar; she’s my favorite of the moderates and I’m from Minnesota. She’s done a lot of good things and I think she’s she’d be a really capable president.”


James Lim ’22

“He’s one of the only Democratic candidates that’s solely focused on fixing the direct problem with our country, which I believe is the economy. … He’s directly focused on improving the lives of Americans, which is his whole idea of the trickle-up economy, which is starting with the people, and then everything else will fall into place. … He’s someone that I could really trust.”


Henry Sanders ’23

“I support Pete because of his pragmatic approach to progressivism. Basically, he supports these policies that are bold and progressive and designed to do what needs to be done to help people in their everyday lives, but he also realizes that no matter how bold the plan is, it’s not going to help anyone if it doesn’t actually get implemented. … I think he can gain the support of the entire country, not just the half that traditionally votes Democratic.”

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