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The great off-campus baking show



Many of the Grinnellians who live off campus no longer patronize the Dining Hall. These individuals have forgone the meal plan in favor of finding sustenance elsewhere. So what exactly do these people eat? The S&B’s Carter Howe checked it out. He talked with Irene Gilbert, Erhaan Ahmad, and Abdiel Lopez.

The S&B: What’s the best dish you’ve cooked for yourself?
IG: Probably salmon. That was just kind of a night where I wanted to do something fun … Pretty much anytime I cook meat is a very exciting night. I haven’t done anything too complicated. It’s mostly just lemon.
What’s the worst thing you’ve cooked??
IG: Twice I’ve like started to boil water for pasta, and then forgotten about it, and then remembered because, half an hour later, I’m really hungry, and I’m like, ‘didn’t I start to make dinner a while ago?’ and then I realize. I’ve ruined two pots now. They get like a nice brown powder on the bottom when all the water evaporates.
Any sage cooking advice?
IG: Never underestimate the value of eggs.
What’s the best dish you’ve cooked for yourself?
EA: I cooked up some fried chicken, but it was using almond flour instead of like [regular flour], so paleo friendly breading without all those extra carbs and stuff. We used almond flour and I had some chili flakes and rosemary in the breading.
What’s the worst thing you’ve cooked?
EA: I made a soup once. I have a juicer, so I made vegetable juice in the morning sometimes last semester. I was doing it every day, and I guess there’s a way you can use the remains, because they’re still good, so you can use them to make soup. So I tried to make a soup out of that. But I guess I didn’t do it right. It didn’t taste very good, so that was probably the least successful experiment.
Any advice for budding chefs?
EA: Do your dishes as you cook 100 percent. Don’t ever get lazy, because then you’ll just get home, and you’ll be like, ‘ah the kitchen’s a mess.’
Any additional comments?
EA: There’s lots of free food on this campus. So take advantage of all those talks and events and dinners. You’ll have so much variety, and that way, every time you go to the D-Hall, it’s actually like interesting.
The S&B: What’s the best dish you’ve cooked for yourself?
AL: Scrambled eggs with Cholula. It’s super basic. I think it’s the most luxurious meal I’ve cooked for myself.
What’s the worst thing?
AL: Like raw vegetables, honestly.
Do you have a staple dish?
AL: Just like beans, avocados, tortilla, and that sh*t was good.
Any last pieces of advice?
AL: Meal prep is important. My friend does it, and I’ve been meaning to do it, but I really haven’t. It’s supposed to be really efficient and effective to plan out your week. And food stamps. Applying for food stamps and actually being proactive about getting them…And don’t be scared of the kitchen. Because I am and look at me, now. But hopefully I’ll be successful later on.

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