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Rachel Whitfield ’10 wants to get one thing clear—“It’s spelled Vadge, not Vag. Let’s not be juvenile.” Except we are juvenile, and it is the Vag.

The residents of 1132 Broad St., Maggie Kamraczewski ’10, Liza Brost ’10, Andrea Birget ’10, Cari Stayer ’10 and Whitfield are tired of the jokes that come along with the name of their house, which is considered the female counterpart to the $lum—the men’s cross-country house (see other article).

They’ve even tried really hard to change the name this year. “Maggie came up with a whole list of other names, but none of them stuck,” Whitfield said. Everyone has begun to associate the name with the house.

The five girls have a strong bond, and even though not all of the girls are runners, there are other connections between them. “Andrea, Cari and I are all psych majors,” Kamraczewski pointed out. And they get along well, though all the girls joked that Kamraczewski read Marie Claire for the entirety of the interview and complained about her roommates.

But the girls try to put their complaints aside and work together to keep the house spotless, as each resident has her own specific job. “Whose turn is it to replace the soap?” Whitfield asked. “It’s certainly not mine.”

On the tour, Whitfield said she had the best room because of the separate study and bed rooms joined together by a short door. “But a guy of 6’ 1” or 6’ 2” could easily fit in there,” she said. When asked about any juicy stories, Kamraczewski said, “This one time a 6’ 5” guys tried to get in Rachel’s room…” but then digressed to telling a story about when Whitfield fell down the stairs in the middle of the night and Kamraczewski mistook it for thunder, before she could elaborate on the more juvenile, appealing story.

They showed off the “Shenanigans” room in which all hair and makeup is done for parties—photos of some fun “shenanigans” they have pulled line the walls. “We have even included some pillows and blankets in the room for those who decide to sleep there,” Whitfield said. “Or do other things in there,” Brost added.

So far the Shenanigans room has been underused since the girls haven’t had many parties this semester. “It’s cross country season, we don’t have social lives,” Brost said, but reassured that there will be more soon. Brost wants to throw a Librarians and Barbarians party, while Stayer and Birget plan on throwing parties for GORP.

But beware of their parties—the girls tend to wind up in strange situations. One morning Stayer and Birget woke up to find some unknown naked people passed out on their couches. Their acceptance of situations such as this shows that the girls at the Vag are relaxed and okay with most everything—just don’t make “that Vag joke”.

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