Back to school with funky fall fashion


Shaun Duncan ’18 in his outfit of things that go with anything.

Mira Berkson

Back to School Outfits4 - Ellen Schoenmaker

Bardan Sigdel ’19 aims to be confident and outspoken, and his clean-cut style mirrors that. He makes a button-down and slacks look as effortless as a t-shirt and sweatpants (which he only breaks out on the weekends). 

“This morning, I’m feeling super chill, like, I see a lot of people stressed because it’s Monday, but I actually love Mondays. It’s been a great day.” Maybe we could learn a thing or two from Bardan about how to make Mondays #fundays.

Back to School Outfits2 - Ellen Schoenmaker


Alitza Shutt ’18 turns the window-filled Spencer Grill into an even brighter place. “I’m known for smiling, like, all the time … Looking good always makes me happy. When I look good, I feel good.”

Her boyfriend, Roland Roger ’17, compares Shutt to her favorite animal, the quokka, which “sleeps 20 hours a day and always smiles.”

There is one exception — a time when Alitza doesn’t try to #lookgoodfeelgood.

“My fashion doesn’t happen during Hell Week. During Hell Week I slack, and that’s when the sweatpants come through.”

Back to School Outfits3 - Ellen Schoenmaker

Shaun Duncan ’18 combines several simple pieces together to create a #photoready fashion statement. 

“I was like, well, camo goes with anything … and I just got these Sperry’s, but I had to get them in black because, you know, black can also go with anything, so I just like things that go with anything, at least today.” 

Shaun has the power to turn #ordinaryintoextraordinary.

“There’s so many things that could be used in a dope way that in a normal context are not really dope.”

Back to School Outfits1 - Ellen Schoenmaker

Ariel Nelson ’17 has a thought process while getting dressed in the morning that is definitely #relatable.

“I was feeling like I didn’t want to wear real clothes, ‘cause I don’t really like real clothes anymore. So I was like, I’m going to put on leggings and a shirt, and then I was like, … I don’t want my butt to show. So it was basically comfort and function over anything else.”

Her accessories bring the outfit to another level, resulting in the perfect example of her self-described “comfortable-chic” aesthetic.