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Feven Getachew
Feven Getachew
May 6, 2024
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Michael Lozada
May 6, 2024
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Nathan Hoffman
May 6, 2024
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Harvey Wilhelm
May 6, 2024

You won’t feel ruff if you meet these paw-some campus dogs

Keli Vitaioli, Copy Editor

Wandering through campus, one typically runs into a couple of dogs. The S&B’s Keli Vitaioli spoke to some campus dogs (and their owners) to find out a little more about them.

Red — campus dog in training

Usual hangout spot: On the athletic fields — he loves to play in the football field across from his house.

Breed: Golden doodle.

Age: Five months.

Personality: Cuddly.

Favorite Toy: People’s hands, Schlep the camel, Esther the wonder pig or stuffed hotdog.

Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter — he comes running at the sound of the jar.

What clique would he be in: Motivated stoners.

“He spent a lot of time in the admissions offices and all of our senior interviewers got to know him,” said Tina Elfenbein, Admissions. “Then he started barking, and we didn’t want him to scare the potential students.”Campus Dogs4 - Contributed

Skye — “Frisbee Dog”

Usual hangout spot: Professor Liz Queathem’s, Biology, office or anywhere she can play with her Frisbee.

Breed: Border collie.

Age: Seven years — adopted from PALS a little over six years ago.

Personality: Devoted & obsessive.

Favorite Toy: Watermelon Frisbee.

Favorite Treat: People food, but she is watching her figure right now because extra weight is bad for her joints.

“Skye strongly believes all stuffing should be free so she just rips all the stuffing out of [dog beds] instantly,” said Queathem. “So she’s sleeping on a sheepskin since it’s the only soft thing she won’t tear apart.”Campus Dogs2 - Contributed

RJ — @RJthedog on Twitter

Usual hangout spot: Professor Trish’s office or RJ’s rock garden.

Breed: Welsh terrier.

Age: 12 years.

Personality: Sweet & understated.

Favorite Toy: Tennis balls or sticks.

Favorite Treat: Nothing fancy — any kind of dog treat.

Likes: Being held like a baby and digging out rocks from in front of the bushes.

What clique would he be in: Band nerds.

Worst thing he’s done: Something UNSPEAKABLE.

“RJ has a lot of fun just playing fetch,” said Professor Barbara Trish, Political Science. “Sometimes I wonder how long he would go before he would collapse.”Campus Dogs3 - Contributed

Aiko (below) & Bentley (not pictured) — “Theater Dogs”

Usual hangout spot: In the scene shop, running lights in the booth, Susan Sanning’s CLS office or anywhere they can get the most loving.

Breed: Standard poodle (Aiko) and Yor-poopoo-shihtz (Bentley).

Age: Three years (Aiko) and six years (Bentley) — adopted and trained as therapy dogs.

Personality: Chill (Aiko) and snuggly (Bentley).

Favorite toy: Each other — they are best buds and playmates.

Likes: Lots of love — Aiko likes to chase chickens even though he is not allowed.

Cutest when: Dreaming with their paws going or snuggling together.

“They like to egg each other on, but Bentley is usually the instigator,” said Erik Sanning, Technical Director. Campus Dogs5 - Contributed

Oliver  — Jersey Pup

Usual hangout spot: Roaming around Noyce third floor or helping with Professor Ursula Wolz’s computer science classes.

Breed: Cockapoo.

Age: Three years.

Personality: Mellow & loving.

Dislikes: Dogs that smell funny.

Favorite Treat: Bully sticks.

Cutest when: Sitting on someone’s lap and he becomes a blanket.

Girlfriend: A labradoodle named Maggie back home in New Jersey.

Special Tricks: Sit, down, high five and spin.

“One of the worst things he ever did was eat and entire bag of Hershey Kisses,” said Wolz. “He spit out all the wrappers though — there was a tiny pile of tin foil next to him.”Campus Dogs - Contributed

Jack — “Physics Corgi”

Usual hangout spot: Professor Breen’s office waiting for cuddles or Saints Rest waiting for treats.

Breed: Corgi.

Age: 10.5 years — his birthday is in November.

Personality: Good & stubborn.

Ears: One pointy and one floppy.

Dislikes: Geese, had a run in at a farm last summer.

Cutest when: Cuddling people because he loves to spoon.

Favorite place on campus: The quad in the sun when he can shimmy on his back; it brings out his inner puppy.

“We walked to Saints Rest every Saturday morning last year, and Sam, the owner, would always give him a treat,” said Professor Barbara Breen, Physics. “One Wednesday morning, he just walked out the door and took off on this hard trot … he was 20 feet in front of me the whole time, and he lead me right to Saints Rest … Jack had decided to go and get his treat.”Campus Dogs6 - Contributed

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