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Spotlight: Beau Bressler

Beau Bressler ’16, from sunny Southern California, is one of the best Super Smash Bros. players in Iowa. Photo by Alberto Vazquez
Beau Bressler ’16, from sunny Southern California, is one of the best Super Smash Bros. players in Iowa. Photo by Alberto Vazquez
Beau Bressler ’16, from sunny Southern California, is one of the best Super Smash Bros. players in Iowa. Photo by Alberto Vazquez

Athletes who compete in multiple sports are commonplace at Grinnell but none are as noteworthy as Beau Bressler ’16, who many know as a tennis player. Behind close doors, however, Bressler doubles as competitive Super Smash Bros. player, winning many tournaments around the country. The S&B’s News Editor Nora Coghlan sat down with Bressler to gain insight into the mind of competitive gamer and skillful tennis player.

The S&B: How long have you been playing tennis and how long have you been playing Super Smash Bros.?

Bressler: I have been playing tennis since I was four, competitive tennis since I was a sophomore in high school and I’ve been playing competitive Super Smash Bros. since I was 13.

Over break you competed in Super Smash Bros. tournaments. Can you talk a little about how they went and what it was like?

Super Smash Bros. tournaments are mostly grassroots, so it’s a pretty well organized community and people will host tournaments. Sometimes they are at gaming stores, sometimes they are at people’s houses, usually they’re at bigger venues. I went to a national tournament in San Jose. I’m from San Diego and I got 33rd [place] out of 250 [competitors]. It wasn’t as well as I wanted. I won a 100-man tournament over break in San Diego. I did a bunch of smaller local ones [as well].

Are there any overlaps between your tennis strategy and your Super Smash Bros. strategy?

Yeah, a lot of the mental game is similar. There’s a lot of mind games, reading your opponent, sort of figuring out what they like to do, picking up on their habits, that kind of thing. Staying composed is important in both sports.

Are there any other members of the tennis team who you play Super Smash Bros. with?

Not at the level I do. Caleb Kumar [’16] plays with me occasionally. We’ll play together, but nobody on the tennis team actually competes in Super Smash Bros.

What have been your best experiences as a member of the Grinnell tennis team?

The Florida trip every year is a lot of fun. We’ve had some good matches, and also just being a part of the team and part of the community. My whole four years it has always been a really tight-knit community and we’re trying to keep that going this year. As a senior I’ve tried to help foster community that way and it’s been an integral part of my experience.

What are some of your goals for your final season of tennis?

I want to stay healthy, that’s important. I always get little nagging injuries, which have held me back a bit. And just go out there and have fun. It’s my last season, I want to enjoy myself.

Are you planning on continuing tennis and Super Smash Bros. competitions after you graduate?

Definitely Super Smash Bros, probably tennis. Smash Bros. I don’t have to practice that much just because I’ve put so many hours in in my life, I have the muscle memory down. Tennis takes constant practice to stay in shape. It would be a little harder, unless I was very serious about tennis, to continue competing, but definitely recreationally.

What is your favorite Harris?

I like Disco. I like the music, I like the vibes. It’s one of the giant ones. I always like the Harris parties that are super packed

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