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Spotlight: Graham Fisher

Graham Fisher ’16 plays an integral role for both the football and baseball teams. Photo by Alberto Vazquez
Graham Fisher ’16 plays an integral role for both the football and baseball teams. Photo by Alberto Vazquez
Graham Fisher ’16 plays an integral role for both the football and baseball teams.
Photo by Alberto Vazquez

As both an elite kicker for the football team and versatile member of baseball who both hits and pitches, Graham Fisher ’16 is one of the most valuable Pioneer athletes. Last weekend, Fisher was recognized as one of the best kickers in the country when he named to the All-West Region Team. In the fall, Fisher lead the Midwest Conference with a 41.7-yard per kick average. The S&B’s Sam Curry sat down with Fisher to discuss his accolades, aspirations and athleticism.

You were at a bowl game this past weekend. What was the deal with that?

It was an all-star game kind of thing. They find people, I don’t know how they get nominated, but they invite people to these all-star game competitions. This one was in Florida. There were a bunch of scouts there, so it was fun.

How do you manage your time with playing both football and baseball?

It’s really separate by semester—fall is football and spring is baseball. So from that standpoint it’s pretty easy. After football is over in the fall, it’s baseball season, and right now it’s a little special case because I’m playing in bowl games after. I played in one this past weekend and I have one on Saturday after finals. So I’m just going to have to keep up on my kicking and punting. It’s kind of become second nature because I’ve been doing it my whole life.

Do you have a plan to continue kicking after you graduate?

I do not have a set plan. Unless you’re a top prospect where everything is set out for you, you just have to sign a piece of paper … It’s kind of getting your name out there, getting to a bowl game, getting an agent. It’s not something that you can just sign your name up for. You have to sell your name.

Is there one sport that you play that places above all else?

I would say baseball. I came to Grinnell for baseball, I’ve been playing baseball the longest, baseball is my first love. I can’t say anything about which aspect of it makes me love it, it’s just my sport. People have their things, and baseball is my thing.

Do you ever have to choose between hanging out with the baseball team or the football team?

The only place it really comes up is the dining hall. In the weight room we’re all lifting together [so] we talk amongst each other between sets … I live with my roommate who’s a baseball player, but the dining hall is really the only place.

There’s a rumor you were recruited to Stanford University to kick. Is that true?

I wish, that would’ve have been ideal … [that rumor might have started] because I wear Stanford stuff everywhere. I’m from Palo Alto, I’m a big Stanford fan. Fear the tree! [They’re] Rose Bowl bound, so, I wish.

What are you looking for heading into this baseball season?

My sophomore year I was All-Conference pitching, and I had high goals for this past year and I didn’t quite hit those goals that I set out for myself, but I actually ended up hitting. I was our [designated hitter],and I did way better than I thought I would do, so that was a pleasant surprise. While I have personal goals [and] hit as many home runs as I can, my main goal is helping the team win.

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