Staff ed: Share your opinions with us

Every week, as the editors of the S&B, we gather to discuss issues on campus. We debate and ultimately come to a consensus that represents our views as a group. The product of these conversations is what you are reading right now—the staff editorial.

However, we represent the views of only a small group of students. We attempt to bring a wide perspective that represents the broad campus spectrum not only through our staff editorials, but also throught section of the paper. But without the collective voices of the community, the paper cannot fully embody the essence of Grinnell. That is why we encourage you, the reader, to make your voice heard through letters to the editor, comments on and random rants and raves.

The campus newspaper can serve as an active forum for open discourse amongst students, faculty, administration and residents of Grinnell. Last year, the Opinion section saw its fair share of discussion that helped raise awareness and open dialogue on several issues across campus. We encourage you to keep the discussion going in two directions—write us, and do not hesitate to complain. Let your voice be heard.