Staff ed: Titular Head 2009 was a great success

We were not impressed last year when Conor Mcgee ’08 downed an entire flask, took off his pants and made out with two different girls onstage while emceeing Tit Head, and we were far from delighted when he spent the entire night harassing the audience and failing to introduce even one video—his only real job. In addition to the drunken emcee, few movies were particularly noteworthy, and the campus seemed to forget about the event within just a few days.

Needless to say, those of us who experienced the misfortune of last year’s Tit Head were pleasantly surprised by this year’s show. Emcee Rachel Fields ’09 not only successfully introduced each video, but did so without antagonizing the entire room. Even though she was barely audible beneath the bellows of drunken viewers, her charm and humor managed to get her jumped by multiple horny audience members. All without removing any articles of clothing!

The event itself was well coordinated by Mark Sullivan ’10 and Dan Neely ’09. Each film was preceded by a transitional clip, which helped refine the evening. That sense of refinement was mirrored in the movies themselves, many of which utilized high quality effects and cinematic techniques not frequently seen in Tit Head films of the past. Still, Tit Head managed to retain an air of grunginess that seems to be its staple.

A combination of factors—a coherent and engaging emcee, entertaining films, and two, count them, two, phalli—made this year’s Tit Head an overwhelming success. We enjoyed it so much that we got three tickets of our own to make a lame movie, and as long as T-Pain doesn’t show up, we’re bringin’ you. Don’t forget your flippy floppies.