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Spotlight: Anne Boldt

Photograph by Eve Lyons-Berg

Anne Boldt ’16 scored a game-high 25 points in women’s basketball’s latest contest against Cornell College on Wednesday, Feb. 19. Boldt’s scoring has been a bright spot in a tough season for the Pioneers. She is averaging 13.6 points per game, while shooting 84.8 percent from the free-throw line.


Photograph by Eve Lyons-Berg
Photograph by Eve Lyons-Berg


How did you start playing basketball?

I have four other siblings and they all played basketball, so I started playing when I was young. My dad played in high school, too, so he was really into it and took me to all of their games, so I grew up with it.


Why did you decide to play basketball at Grinnell?

I was looking at places where I could go and get a good education, as well as play sports. The main thing that attracted me to Grinnell was the academics, but then I got to play as an extra bonus, and it has worked out really well. I love it.


Do you have any funny basketball stories?

When I was younger I scored for the other team … that probably happened a few times actually because you get confused when you’re little. [Also], this year at one of the games there was the jump ball right away and I ran the wrong direction. My coach got mad at me for that.


Do you have any interesting pre-game warm ups?

I like to just listen to a certain playlist on my iPod. I listen to “Whitewalls” by Macklemore and “Erase Me” by Kid Cudi. The team also does our own pre-game things, too. Like, we will say things we want to work on in the game.


How has your experience with the team been?

Last year we had seven seniors on the team and this year we have one, and this year we also have a different coach, so those have been big changes. But I love the team and I love playing. The team culture is probably one of the best things. We are all friends, and coming here knowing that I was going to have a group of people that I would already be friends with was really nice. And I like our coach a lot—she makes it really fun to play.


What is your favorite Dining Hall meal?

The baked ziti is definitely in the top. And the chicken wings and the chicken strips are definitely the best, too.


Who had been your favorite professor at Grinnell and why?

Professor [Erick] Leggans. I had him for Organic Chemistry I last semester and Organic Chemistry II this semester, and he makes it really fun. Sometimes Organic Chemistry sucks, but having him has been really nice and I’ve gotten to know him a lot as a person, as well.


What is your favorite Harris?

I am really looking forward to 90s this weekend because the songs are awesome. I think Mary B. James is also very entertaining. I love seeing everybody at it.

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