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Dhananjay has the internet saying his name

Dhananjay the First in the studio. Photo by John Brady.

Dhananjay the First took WorldStarHipHop by storm last year with his music video reinterpretation of Drake’s “Shot for Me,” originally created for the Titular Head film festival. On Friday, Feb. 7 he released a new video, which already has over 560,000 views on WorldStar. Dhananjay sat down with the S&B’s Kelly Pyzik yesterday for an exclusive interview. His charming chuckle and sparkling eyes make it obvious why he has become a beloved figure in the eyes and hearts of America.

Tell me about your most recent single.

It’s a cover of “Say My Name,” which everybody knows is … Destiny’s Child. It’s a popular song so I knew it would be fun. It’s been months in the making, because my last one came out a while ago. It was good for it to release. We had this idea about the snow, but then we couldn’t do it at the end of last semester, so we did it right when we got back.

How did you first get into music?

I guess I’ve always been listening to music. I love music, especially hip-hop, R&B, lots of that good stuff. I love Mariah, she’s a constant inspiration for me. I guess it was just very natural because I’m a very musical dude. I just wanted to show the people, let the people know, give them what they want.

How does the fame feel?

… I get a lot of shout-outs on Twitter, which is fun. … The comments on World Star, sometimes they’re mean, but those are the best ones because it’s really funny. I still live the same life. I still get up in the morning and eat my cereal. Maybe after our next song drops it’ll be different. Maybe when I get signed and the money starts rolling in, it’ll be harder.

What’s next for Dhananjay the First?

I have a couple of exciting projects coming up, a lot of high-profile collaborations that I’m not allowed to talk about. It’s all good things so far, everybody loves the video. Dave Chappelle watched the video and thought it was hilarious, so I can just retire right there. Everybody’s asking me if we’re doing one for Tit Head, and we’re going to do at least two more before the one … All good things. Anybody who has a good camera, please hit me up. We’re trying to borrow your camera to make a high definition video.

Is there love in Dhananjay’s life?

No, ladies, I am single. So, be gentle. No love so far, but definitely searching for love. Dhananjay’s always searching for love, I feel like. On that note, we are looking for fine ladies to be in our next video. So, if you think you’re a fine lady, you should send us an application.

How lonely is the Lonely Throne?

It was pretty lonely, but now it’s not that lonely because we have 500,000 views, bitch! But I’m still a pretty lonely guy in that I keep to myself. My emotions, my thoughts are all hidden. It takes a special person to find out what I’m thinking. The Throne only fits one and I’m on it. That’s the fact of life.

Boxers or briefs?

Ooh, boxer briefs! Boxer briefs are nice because I feel like boxers are too loose and briefs are too tight, so boxer briefs are the perfect combination. You get some air, but it doesn’t feel like you’re waddling about.

Dhananjay the First in the studio. Photo by John Brady.
Dhananjay the First in the studio. Photo by John Brady.
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