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Spotlight: Alex Plemmons

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, third-year Alex Plemmons, of Gross Ile, Mich. was named the Midwest Conference Women’s Golf Performer of the Week. This distinction was awarded after Plemmons scored 79, her personal best, in the second day of the Mount Mercy Fall Invitational on Aug. 31. Overall, she finished 12th out of more than 100 golfers at the Invitational. Grinnell finished sixth out of 19 teams.


Photograph by Saw Min Maw

When did you start playing golf? 

I started in elementary school sometime.


How often do you play when you aren’t in season? 

It depends. In the summer I play every day, but in the spring and in the winter I don’t have as much of an opportunity to play.


What is your favorite part of the sport?

I guess that it is always different, and there is always a challenge.


What has been your proudest golf moment? 

In high school, I had to make this one putt and it was the last putt of the day. My coach told me that I had to make it for us to win state. There was a big party that they had just started right next to the hole that we were on and they started blaring this loud music and screaming, but I still made it. That was so exciting.


Has there ever been a time when you wanted to quit?

Well, when I was younger I didn’t really enjoy it. But I thought that I should keep doing it because maybe one day I would enjoy it, which I do now, so I’m glad that I stuck with it. I think that since I have gotten more serious about it, I haven’t thought about quitting ever.


What is the team’s chemistry like? 

It’s really good! This year we have four returners and then a new first-year, but I think that we’re doing well and we enjoy spending time with each other a lot.


Did you always plan on being a college athlete? 

No, actually. I didn’t even really think about it until I was applying to colleges, or getting ready to apply to colleges. I thought to myself ‘well why not try?’ because I thought that I would enjoy it.


What else are you involved in at Grinnell? 

I do a lot of stuff through athletics, so I’m on the basketball team, and I’m the golf member for [Student-Athlete Advisory Committee]. Other than that, just academic stuff.


Has it been hard for you to balance golf, academics and other extracurricular activities? 

It is a challenge, but I think that being so busy helps me stay focused on everything.


What is the greatest thing that you’ve learned from playing golf? 

That sometimes you can be having a really horrible time, and then, in a split second, it can all turn around, and you can be having the best day of your life. You have to really always try and never give up.


What advice would you give to other student-athletes?

Just to have fun with it. It’s one of those things where you’re going to have an off day, or going to have an off game, or an off couple games and you just have to enjoy it because it doesn’t last for very long.

-compiled by Nora Coghlan

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