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Ask SHIC: Condoms and inner thighs

Ask SHIC: Condoms and inner thighs

Dear SHIC,

Whenever I come in to buy condoms, I’m always faced with the dilemma of sizing. How do I know what type of condom to get, and if it will fit? Please help!



Dear Overwhelmed,

Never fear! The definitive guide is here. Finding a condom that fits just right is important for safe and enjoyable protection. A perfectly fitted condom is tight enough to securely stay on the penis without pinching, but won’t slip off or break. Since the latex used in most condoms doesn’t stretch as much at the tip as it does for the shaft, penises with larger heads may require a larger condom, but the overall elasticity makes most condoms adaptable for a wide range of penis sizes and shapes.

Let’s break it down by general market sizes, as well as the brands we carry at SHIC. Many brands define condoms with a smaller diameter as “snugger fit”, and are appropriate for individuals wanting a tighter experience. At SHIC, try our Beyond 7 Studded condoms (1.97” wide). Most condom brands aim for the average penis size, the middle of the bell curve, with a diameter of around 2.05”. This includes brands sold at SHIC like all our One products, Lifestyles, Atlas and Kimono condoms. Finally, for larger men or those wanting a looser fit, with a diameter above 2.13”, try the Trojan Magnum, the Atlas XL, One Legend and Lifestyles XL. Nothing beats grabbing a few condoms and testing them out yourself in order to find the perfect fit!




Dear SHIC,

Well… I was wondering if you guys have any idea how I can spice things up in my sex life. I’ve read online about how to “induce” orgasm, but I feel there are a lot of myths around about erogenous zones. I want to know what works!


—Romantic Rick.


Dearest Rick,

I am happy to say that we’ve done plenty of the legwork for you. As you are well aware, SHIC educators dedicate most of their spare time into expertly studying sex. Therefore, we assembled a group of SHIC educators and performed uncontrolled studies on them. Through rigorous trial and questionable failure, we determined several areas and techniques that are sure to provide a statistically significant P-value, or Pleasure-value:

1. Lips. Not those ones, silly, well… why not? How could we forget these suckers? SHIC thinks mouth-to-mouth contact sometimes gets rushed. Try taking it slow.

2. Feet. Both men and women love foot massages. Massaging of the feet is believed to relieve pressure points and stimulate sexual arousal.

3. Abs/Mons. Why not try gently caressing or tantalizing your partner with your deceptive hand movements (where do you think you’re going, mister?)

4. Neck. Try using gentle touches on the neck, and allow your partner to imagine the seductive brushing motion of your lips.

5. Inner thighs and Bottom. The gift-wrapping to the package!

6. Head. Not that one, silly, well… why not? Head massages are relaxing, and eyelid and forehead stimulation can be relaxing ways to show your… loving side. Hair and the scalp are also very responsive to stimulation.

7. Perenium. In both males (prostate) and females (perennial sponge) which are the areas between the anus and the genitals just awaiting to be explored!

8. A, P, and U-Spots. You may have heard the G-Spot, but how about the A, P, and U-Spots? A: between the g-spot and the cervix. P: the prostate gland of men and U: the area around the urethral region contains many sensitive nerve endings.

9. Knees. Surprised? You probably shouldn’t be. The back of the knees is surprisingly sensitive.

10. The Mind.  Yes. The human mind can do amazing things. Use it to your advantage, hypnosis is not consensual, yo.

There are so many parts of the body that have so much unlocked potential that we encourage you to explore your partners’ bodies, (safely of course). SHIC suggests you take it slow and explore the playground. Whether it be a gentle back and chest massage, or a more “in-depth” procedure, think of yours and your partner’s body as a totally erogenous landscape.

Keep it Safe, sexies!


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