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Feven Getachew
Feven Getachew
May 6, 2024
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Michael Lozada
May 6, 2024
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Nathan Hoffman
May 6, 2024
Harvey Wilhelm `24.
Harvey Wilhelm
May 6, 2024

Ask SHIC: Babies in the bathtub

Ask SHIC: Babies in the bathtub

Dear SHIC,

My friend is worried that she got pregnant from making out in a hot tub. Is this possible?


Dear Mythbusters,

There are a bunch of rumors about what can or cannot get you pregnant, and we’ve heard them all. Hot tubs are one of the trickier ones; while most doctors say that it is technically possible, the man would have to ejaculate into the water only a few centimeters away from the woman’s vagina, while her legs were spread and her vagina opened. Sperm cannot survive more than a few seconds under water due to the heat and chemicals in a hot tub. Even in a pool with normal body temperature, the sperm would only survive a few minutes, and would be unable to swim more than a few centimeters. From just making out in the hot tub, your friend doesn’t need to worry. If the man ejaculated in the water, she might want to take a pregnancy test just to be safe.

Here are a few more common myths, in case your “friend” still has concerns. What cannot get you pregnant: wearing dirty underwear (sperm dies by the time semen dries), a toilet seat, kissing, oral, and urine. You CAN get pregnant from: anal (only if ejaculate drips from your anus to your vagina), on your period, precum, rubbing your genitals together, and having direct penile to vaginal contact, with or without a physical or chemical contraceptive.



Hey SHIC, 

So, I’m slightly worried about my dick. Okay, not slightly, but very, very concerned. I haven’t been circumcised, and I’m worried that my partner will be majorly turned off once they see my uncut penis. I know it’s a little strange, to be so worried but being uncut is often misunderstood. How should I deal with this? It’s driving me insane! 


Uncut & Unready to be Humiliated 

Dear Uncut & Unready to be Humiliated,

I can understand your concerns and I think you have a pretty good idea why the stigma exists. Let me give you a broader sense at where you stand among the vast nation of cut penises.

Circumcision is performed for all sorts of cultural and religious reasons, and there are many myths surrounding circumcision, such as cleanliness. It’s an old myth that circumcision improves hygiene. However, did you know that nearly 85% of the world is uncircumcised? Yes, that’s right —­that means circumcision is not a popular choice worldwide. It just so happens you’re living in one of the two nations (the United States and Israel) where infants are routinely circumcised. Depending on your source, the statistics for the number of circumcised men in the United States range anywhere from 60%-80%. But, I don’t think you need the statistics to reiterate the stigma that you feel. The circumcision option for parents is often a no-brainer because they’re afraid of their kids growing up being stigmatized in the locker rooms. Pro-circumcision individuals usually include women who have grown used to the idea of what a ‘normal’ penis looks like, and men who have been cut since they were infants.

However, your parents gave you an amazing choice and opportunity. Many men, who initially had their foreskin intact, report a large decrease in pleasure after undergoing the procedure from medical advice. In heterosexual couples, women also experience reduced pleasure.

Why is this?

The foreskin is highly sexually sensitive and has nearly 20,000 nerve endings! Of course, if that’s removed, there’s going to be a reduction in sensation. For women, the foreskin usually acts as a normal lubricant and has even aided in them reaching their big-O! Without a foreskin, some women have even complained of vaginal pain and dryness.

Confidence is key, love.

You know once you’re hard enough and your foreskin retracts back, you’ll look like any other penis. Tell your partner that you still have the macho ability to please and that they get to find out why ‘uncut’ is sometimes better.

If you’re in a committed relationship, then I suggest talking with your partner that you’re worried about their reaction to the look of your penis and then reiterating that ‘uncut’ means more pleasure. 😉 If your partner truly cares, they will understand.

Stay Sexy,


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