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Gardner goes hard Friday

By Geo Gomez

Today, February 1, three acts are coming to Gardner, all of which are guaranteed to get Grinnellians onto the dance floor.
First off, there’s DJ Sliink. His website features an illustration of Spock from Star Trek giving the Vulcan Salute, with “Slink” written in colorful bubble letters. With musical effects that endow his music with a blend of Trap and Futuristic Funkiness, Sliink sets his phasers to dance, and they’re aimed right at you.
An original track called “Vibrate” opens up with a vibrating ringtone, and the vocals calling out “just vibrate, girl.” It’s a song that entices the wallflowers to the dance floor, entranced by such an infectious beat. Then, the melody switches up to a near anthemic level, until finally it breaks down into a bodacious tune that’ll have hips grooving and asses shaking from wall to wall. Listeners will have no choice but to heed the commands of the DJ and jiggle like a jellybean to a beat that’s clean, yet so dirty.
His other mixes cover songs from Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and “Heads will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to reimagined oldies like Missy Elliot’s “Work It” and even “Calabria” by Enur.
Then there’s Sasha Go Hard, a female rapper from Chicago. In an interview with Pitchfork, Sasha explained that she wants to separate herself from the violence of South Side Chicago, and how much fan mail from her young fans influence her to be a role model; in this case, a role model that is countin’ stacks.
The video for song “I Understand Why They Mad” features her and a friend lurking through a thrift store before taking a trip to Wendy’s, where all rappers go to blow their cash. As the slow beat bounces on the track, Sasha raps about getting money and Jimmy Choo accessories. Her easy flow and confidence are a blend of rap braggadocio and girly charm.
Sasha never lets up on the beat, easily switching up her flow between catlike quickness and the Rick Ross slow roll with which she delivers the chorus: “If you mad ’cuz I’m bad then I’m glad ’cuz you mad. I understand why they mad.”
It’s the kind of come-easy rap that works its way into your head and sticks there.
Last, there’s Brenmar. In his mixtapes, Brenmar draws from a huge variety of influences. One minute, there’s the booming beats of Southern Trap Music and the next there’s Baltimore House, then outta nowhere the late 80’s house music jam “Pump Up the Jam” busts in.
If you got music that’ll make you dance, Brenmar will not just touch on it, he will reinvent the sound you know and love to make your body feel things your mind just can’t figure out. It is left to your feet and your booty to work it out for you!
Having just graced the cover of Chicago magazine The Reader, Brenmar is a master of his craft. In his repertoire of club music, Brenmar makes tracks that are not only insanely danceable, but also showcase his sleek production skills.
This talent has gotten Brenmar noticed. The most recent release from Mykki Blanco, the New York-based self proclaimed “Illuminati Princess” (and an act coming to Grinnell later this semester!) boasts Brenmar’s shimmering production.
He’s definitely gotten noticed at Grinnell. During his set last year, Brenmar seamlessly went from one track to the next, to the point where there were multiple times the crowd went “Ooohhh sh*t!” every time he pulled it off.
Catch these acts that are sure to turn it out at Gardner tonight.

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