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Passionate love with Paul Ryan and Twilight

Halloween is an amazing holiday for many reasons: Jack O’lanterns, candy, apple cider, trick-or-treating. But by far the best part is the costumes, from slutty witches to slutty ghosts to slutty leopards. Costumes can also add an exciting new element to your sex life, especially in conjunction with roleplaying. Sexual roleplaying can be a great addition to any sex life, and through it you can live out fantasies that may never happen otherwise. When engaging in roleplaying—as in all other sex acts—it is important to communicate clearly and directly with your partners about your desires and expectations. Respect your partners’ boundaries and don’t pressure them to do anything that they don’t want to do. It might be uncomfortable to bring up the topic of roleplaying with your partner, but just be honest and direct. There is nothing weird or gross about it, so have fun and explore! In honor of Halloween, we present you several of our favorite fun and sexy costumes and roleplaying situations.
Note: Some of the popular characters presented in the following situations are gendered, but that is not intended to imply that a certain roleplaying situation can only be acted out by partners of a certain gender.
-Paul Ryan: As the election approaches, Paul Ryan’s rock-hard, p90x abs, and piercing blue eyes are impossible to ignore. Dress your partner in a suit, a red-and-white striped tie, and pretend that you’re tearing their clothes off in scenic Janesville, Wisconsin. If you’re a fan of Ryan’s politics, it becomes an exciting encounter with a political icon. If you’re not a fan, you can throw in a twist and turn it into a delicious hate f*ck by whispering Ayn Rand’s many flaws into your partner’s ear. For added spice, find another partner and dress them in a suit, a red-and-white striped tie, and pretend that you’ve lured both Ryan and Romney into the oval office.
-Mount Everest: Bitter cold, howling wind, snow piling up around your tent. You and your partner(s) are intrepid mountaineers struggling towards the highest place on earth. Strip out of your parkas, huddle together for warmth and pretend to lick the ice off each other as you wait for the avalanche to pass. Stimulate the cold with ice cubes and cold packs. If it’s winter, increase the verisimilitude with real snow. If you want, you can make the frigid liaison even hotter with an ice pick or two.
-The Stone Age: Picture mammoths and saber-toothed tigers roaming the savannahs of Africa. With the help of some leopard print clothes you and your partner(s) transform into savage cave dwellers. One of you returns to the cave after a long day, frustrated physically and sexually by an unsuccessful hunt. Go wild on a bearskin rug. (Obviously, the bearskin rug should be fake.)
-Twilight: Who hasn’t fantasized about the dreamy and mysterious vampire Edward Cullen and the chiseled wild man Jacob Black. If you’re Team Edward, dress your partner in a cold, possessive stare; douse them in glitter; and have them watch you while you sleep. When the sexual tension is overwhelming, they awaken you gently and you make passionate love. If you’re Team Jacob, you can take the fun outside. Your partner can wear cutoff jeans and no shirt and howl at you from the woods. You might flee, frightened of their werewolf nature, until they chase you down and you finally make passionate love.

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