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Key Issues:

Abortion: Supports a 15-week national abortion ban.

Climate Change: Criticizes efforts to reduce emissions, but supports carbon-capture technology.

Ukraine War: Vows to continue supporting Ukraine without sending American troops. Claims that it is “in the best interest of America” for Ukraine to defeat Russia.

Immigration: Wants to restore Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy, add 25,000 Border Patrol and ICE agents and withhold funding from immigrant “sanctuary cities.” Said she would consider barring entry to the U.S. for people coming from certain Middle East countries, citing Iran, Lebanon and Yemen as examples.

Trump Investigation: Alleges that the investigations into Trump are “political” prosecutions and has committed to pardoning him if elected. 

China: Claims that China is responsible for the majority of the deaths caused by fentanyl and opposes any economic cooperation. 

Economic Policy: Blames high government spending for inflation and says that both parties have been responsible for increasing the national debt. Vows to veto any budget that does not put the U.S. on track to return to prepandemic spending levels. Calls for the removal of the federal gas tax and wants to “collapse” tax brackets.

Transgender Rights: Signed a pledge declaring “sex is binary” and frequently frames transgender rights as a threat to women, particularly in reference to girl’s sports.

Social Security and Medicare: Suggested that she may raise the Social Security retirement age for people currently in their 20s to reflect increases in life expectancy.

Israel: Supports the U.S. providing whatever resources Israel says it needs to eliminate Hamas.

Democracy: States that Biden’s victory in 2020 was not stolen, but frequently discusses her belief that voter fraud is a national crisis.

Education: Wants to shrink the Department of Education and implement school-choice programs nationwide.

Health Care: Opposes expanding Medicaid, but says it is unacceptable for the U.S. to have such expensive health care. Vows to ensure that there is greater transparency when it comes to hospitals and insurance companies.

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