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“Emo-tronic?” Tender Meat tries to pull off their own genre

This Friday, Faulconer Gallery will be home to two different digital medium; digital art, and video game rock. The band Tender Meat, self-described as “emotronic” will be opening for the art show.

Concerts Committee member and former intern of Faulconer gallery, Chris Farstad, speared the initiative to have Tender Meat come open for the digital art show. “I saw them play at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis,” said Farstad. ”They’re good guys and have a really cool band.”

Farstad would describe their sound as the soundtrack to a “futuristic racing videogame”. At previous shows, Tender Meat has relied on audience participation to play up this concept. “They had videogame controllers with out arcade games, you can plug it into a projector,” said Farstad. “So they would give the controller to somebody in the audience and project the videogame while they are playing, so it’s like they’re playing the soundtrack to the game.”

However, Tender Meat is playing a simpler show at Grinnell, due to technical difficulties, and the fact that they are opening for the Digital Art show at Faulconer. “It’s not so much about the band, we wanted to make the opening as interesting as possible,” said Farstad. “I think [the opening] should be more a celebration than an event, and I don’t think the band will eclipse the show.”

Farstad hopes that as a result of Tender Meat opening for the Digital Art show, that more openings in the future will be interesting and different. “I think it could be a flagship, a turning point,” said Farstad. “It’ll appeal to a wide audience. It’s not indie rock or hip-hop, it’s a new kind of music that’s really accessible, something really central.”
The show will begin at Faulconer Gallery on Friday, Feb 6 at (insert time here).

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