Students Speak (Valentine’s Day edition): What is love?


The S&B’s Seth Taylor approached Grinnell students to find answers to the the time-honored question: what is love, really? From companionship to chemicals, interpretations of the l-word vary widely. Oddly enough, “baby don’t hurt me” is not among the responses. Photos by Mahira Faran.

“Love is making sacrifices and love is taking the time out of your day to do things for others that brings joy to their life which brings joy back to your life.” — Michael Schroeder ’19


“Love is putting those you care about ahead of yourself.” — Isabel Ambrosoli ’21



“As a wise man once said, love is just a chemical reaction, and we’re all fooled by it.” ­— Jonathan Dowell ’18


“Love is companionship … — knowing that you’re happy in someone’s company.” — Saketan Anand ’21


“It’s good shit.” — Regina Logan ’20


“Love is missing someone when you’re not with them.” — Lizzy Hinman ’20