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The Signs During Aquarius Season


By the Celestial Maiden and the Celestial Minion

Scorpio Try to let the light in, however briefly it shines. Have you ever wondered where all the birds went? maybe you should go there too. 

Sagittarius You’ll be possessed by desire. A desire to go sledding. Resist it — this isn’t the time for skimming the surface.

Capricorn Remember your gloves — this month will have you in a howling ice storm. At least you’ll be handling things.

Aquarius Let yourself be cold. Hasn’t this all been leading up to someone who wouldn’t ask you to thaw?  

Pisces You may feel at home in the water, but this season you’ll want to plug the leaks. Remember to use something that won’t rust in the spring. 

Aries You will be tempted to make snowballs by the weather, but make sure to aim them at your enemies instead of yourself. Remember that snow can hide as many snakes as grass.

Taurus It’s easy to hide in your blankets but resist the urge to fall into routine. There will be time enough for that soon. 

Gemini You lack the icy exterior necessary to survive these times. Embrace your warmth and you may find those around you melting.

Cancer Don’t let the icicles on the doorway distract you. They may look sharp, but they will come crashing down any day now. 

Leo If you’re feeling hot-tempered, may I suggest sunbathing in the snow? Either it will thaw around you, or you will freeze in it. 

Virgo You have been looking for a sign, and this is it. The universe says you should get that tattoo, drop that class, kiss that boy.

Libra Now is the time to be adaptable. You’ve changed a lot since last year, but don’t you ever miss the person who you used to be? Call your mother. 


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