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Feven Getachew
May 6, 2024
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May 6, 2024
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May 6, 2024
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Harvey Wilhelm
May 6, 2024

F**K City and Diva Haus show off their flamboyant decor, Part I

Across the street from Burling and bordering the railroad tracks lies a place where Madonna, Gaga and David Bowie are esteemed, pants are optional, and Phil Hagen ’10, is cherished by all, a place called F**k City. Otherwise known as 1021 High Street, F**k City is home to Becca Pred-Sosa ’11, Elizabeth Martin ’11, Isabel Miller ’11, Torrey MacGregor ’11 and Agamemnon the Wolf. Easily identifiable by the large picture of Hagen that is prominently and proudly placed in the house’s front window, F**k City is unique not only in its décor, history and traditions, but also in the relationships of its residents and the contagious energy that they bring.

Fuck City
Miller '11, Martin '11, Pred-Sosa '11 and MacGregor '11 of F**k city bask in the soft lighting of their humble abode - Daniel Penny

F**k City’s comfortable vibe and welcoming atmosphere is not surprising, given how well the housemates know one another. While this is the first time that Pred-Sosa, Martin, Miller and MacGregor have all lived together under one roof, the first three became good friends after living on the same floor their first year.

“Second year we started hanging out with Torrey and then we just sort of became best friends,” Martin said.

“We have been friends pretty much…since second year,” MacGregor said.
Like the decision to live together during their final year at Grinnell, the choice to live on High Street was equally obvious to the foursome.

“We decided early on that we wanted to live on High Street,” Martin said.

This was not a difficult process since Martin already knew the landlord of 1021 High Street. While the rest of her housemates were studying abroad, she secured the house as the future home for F**k City. The ladies of the house have no regrets about their decision, even in the face of unsettling rumors that Broad Street may just be the new High Street.

“It’s not true and they can try all they want,” Martin said. “It’s one of those things where you can’t discount the original. I mean this is where Block Party happens.”

The naming of 1021 High Street occurred just as naturally as the housemate’s decision to live in it together.

“Last winter…[Hagen], who lived here told us a story,” Martin said. “Phil has all of this ‘Phil-osophical’ crap that he comes up with all of the time and we were talking about how he should make a book…[Hagen] was like ‘Yeah, and if I did I would probably call it F**k City by F**k Hagen. And there is F**k city.”

The roommates continue to pay Hagen his dues by requiring scheduled visits and carrying “gold framed pictures in [their] hearts.”

F**k City features an impressive collection of hunting themed decorations, which is the source of great pride for the housemates. Inspired by the linoleum tiles in the house that feature a hunting motif, the roommates have united forces over the past several weeks to find more pieces to add to their collection, which even includes hunting-themed shot glasses.

“[When I was] up in Northern Wisconsin, all they had was hunting s**t so I just bought like all of it,” MacGregor said.

When they aren’t reminiscing about Hagen, posing for Daniel Penny’s ’13 pictures or shopping for hunting ornamentation, the residents of F**k City can typically be found consuming bread products, watching Twin Peaks or checking out YouTube videos.

One definite is that F**k City will be a destination for hunters and animal lovers alike.

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