Staff Editorial: Transphobia is not a “both sides” issue

As Grinnell College’s student newspaper, it is our responsibility to provide fair and comprehensive coverage of issues that affect our community. In light of recent Iowa legislation that directly endangers and marginalizes the trans community, it is important to address both this harm and the way that national news coverage has contributed to a wave of anti-trans sentiment.

The Scarlet & Black refuses to platform bigotry or any content that may cause further harm to trans individuals. Rather, we remain committed to a journalism that centers the truth, not hatred disguised as fair representation of “both sides”. Trans rights is not an issue with two equal sides.

It is also important to acknowledge that the process of journalism in itself has allowed for this bigotry to be published and given a platform. We recognize that the way the media works can be opaque, confusing and has been recently used to disguise intent to harm the trans community. In order to avoid media coverage that features limited perspectives, we maintain that transparency in reporting on these issues is imperative. A newspaper should not be used as a weapon or place of hate.

While we work to cover the legislative and social issues that marginalize trans students, we also want to center the joy, creativity and resilience of the trans community. We maintain that trans students are an integral part of Grinnell in all aspects, not just when under attack, and we will continue including their perspectives.

Ultimately, the primary objective of any newspaper must be to provide a service to its community. By publishing honest coverage, we hope to empower our readers by giving them information that might otherwise be left unknown. As we strive to meet this ideal, we want to emphasize that our platform at the S&B should be an available resource to all members of the Grinnell community. For example, the Opinions section is a space where students are always able to submit their thoughts, concerns, and experiences. Please reach out to [newspapr] or directly to our opinions editor [peckcami] with any story pitches, op-ed ideas or if you’d simply like to meet with us. Additionally, two representatives from our editorial team hold office hours in the Spencer Grill from 1:00-2:00 every Monday-Friday. Office hours are meant to provide a space where any and all questions, story ideas or suggestions on how to improve or amend our coverage are always welcome.

Part of being transparent about the journalistic process includes addressing which stories get written. If there is an issue that the Scarlet & Black has not covered that you believe should be addressed, please reach out to us in any of the aforementioned ways so that we can continue to best serve our community.


Allison Moore `24, Editor-in-Chief

Nadia Langley `23, Editor-in-Chief

Ellianna Cierpiot `25, News Editor

Millie Peck `23, Opinions Editor

Sarah Evans `26, Video Editor

Hemlock Stanier `25, Contributing Artist

Lilli Morrish `25, Arts Editor

Additional signatories:

Claire Giannosa `26, Staff Writer

Ashley Baek `25, Staff Writer

Carter Ottele `25, Contributing Writer

Krista Spies `24 Staff Writer

Sophia Mason `26, Contributing Artist

Mohammad Igbaria `24, Sports Editor

Conrad Dahm `26, Staff Writer

Taylor Nunley `26, Staff Writer

Zach Spindler-Krage `25, Staff Writer

Maddi Shinall `23, Visuals Editor

Eleanor Corbin `24, Features Editor

Jandry Perez Garcia `24, Community Editor

Nora Kohnhorst `25, Copy Editor

Nell Badgley `26, Social Media Coordinator

Sam Bates `24, Copy Editor

Maya Sciarretta `25, Podcast Editor

Marcy Cassidy-Mapp `24.5, Staff Writer

Paul Hansen `23, Staff Photographer


Editor’s note: This story was edited to include additional signatories. Updated April 10, 2023, 3:40 p.m.