Free the Paper

Welcome to Free the Paper! This is your corner for green tips and environmental information.  Check back here for tips throughout the semester.

Tip 1)Did you know you have a Dorm Environmental Coordinator? Dorm Environmental Coordinators (DECs) serve as point people for your questions about sustainability on campus.  If you have questions about how to reduce your energy use or waste, don’t hesitate to contact your DEC!  Also, check out their study breaks and info sessions throughout the semester!

The DECs for Spring 2010 are:
EAST CAMPUS:  Ameila Rudberg [rudberga]
NORTH CAMPUS: Leah Imlay [imlaylea]
JaMaLand: Elissa Mopper [mopperel]
LooseHead: Jesse Rippel [rippelje]

If you would like to be a DEC and live on North Campus, please contact Chris Bair, Grinnell’s Environmental and Safety Coordinator at [baircr].