SGA to vote on reserve spending proposals


Reserve Graphic

Michael Cummings, Community Editor

Next Wednesday at Campus Council, SGA senators will vote on how to spend the reserve fund. Students submitted the following list of  ideas for how to spend the available 90,000 dollars:

• Free menstrual products

• Grinnell College Women’s Center

• Fund [weekend] on Saturdays (instead of just Fridays)

• Bring Kanye to campus to do a concert and be the 2017 commence

ment speaker

• More outlets at the grill

• Covered walkway between Norris and Dibble

• Completing failed student initiatives

• Microwaves in lounges

• Make dorm TVs better

• Campfire pit on campus

• Upgrade the grills on campus

• Outdoor study pavilion

• Printers in every dorm

• Give SGA a car

• Ice rink

•“Just having fun” — Includes ice rink, t-shirt giveaway, prizes for

being friendly or doing good things, other things to increase positiv


• Smoothies

SGA Assistant Treasurer, Summer White ’18, narrowed the list down to two options to be decided on by campus council:

• “30,000 dollars to kick-start the Green Fund” — Starting next

semester there will be a 4,000 dollars per semester fund coming from

the student activities fee for green initiatives on campus. This would

start that fund early by giving it 30,000 dollars this semester

• “Blankets for everyone!” — 9,000 dollars to give every current

Grinnell student, including those on leave or off-campus-study, a

blanket with the SGA logo