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Letter to the Editor: State of the Bison

This is none of that cookie-cutter, tie a bow on it, put a sock in it, bring out the brooms time we complete the sweep. Good morning Sea-town city of Emeralds, that is a fresh dose of wake the f*ck up in that 33rd day of rain around with the perfect touch of grey milk on slush. Forget it America, you can all smell the daisies because the shark in your tool kit hasn’t been heard from yet. Perhaps it’s the cloud of heavily favored green, endless rolling seas of creatures any bison would love to meet and hills that really do repeat ‘Face the Storm’ as a daily motto or even the sun that has replaced the drenching that has accompanied my time in the space needle home. I am speaking to every one of you still at Grinnell, whether you are the oven cooking Beasters, the crump cooking Southerners or rubber burning North-smooth talkers. Especially all you seeming adults whether on the intellectual rampage or the campus clean crew or the chaos reducers. Don’t think I would omit all my co-conspirators who have kissed the jewel on the prairie adios. You have heard the slogans Self-Gov and No Limits tossed around plenty, but how about Same Love and Respect and live the First Amendment. It’s time that fat lady sung for the boots to walk all over American hypocrisy and the fire in our guts rise above the Gates tower, baseball infested observatory or any one of your less than genuine faces.

I am speaking for everyone and my self to kick it up a notch, unleash the beauty of the First Amendment. All too often I have taken note the brushing under the rug of this right, while those who speak freely are scrutinized, ridiculed, and left the outsider. Forget it we need to hold up MLK & Ghandi, Richard Sherman and Rex Ryan, Mr. Duck Dynasty and my main Seattleite Macklemore, as shining examples of leaving behind the PC or ‘persuasively crippling’ force. We didn’t get to this point because our blue coated, white haired-bushy bearded forefathers stood mute. Whether we feel sick from what the figure spits like our well-known Rush Limbaugh or Don Imus or hopeful from President Obama or called to change wages by Kshama Sawant. Whatever our hearts call for us to express we very well damn stand up and cry from the top of any peak.

As a nation we have seen immense programs from technology to industrialization to the push for artistic express or awareness to healthier ways of life. We have seen an unbelievable stagnation from the activity of our elected leaders to frustrations with current dazzling social movements. The root of all evil and disruption to the pinnacle of success is a lack of free speech. How could I ever suggest that we have reached this point? We should stand still and think what effort we can make to alter the future in our backyards. Perhaps we will move in the direction we dream. Inspired by the community of free speakers from Seattle Slam Poetry silent voices that know they have a reason to be heard.

Finally, here are some closing thoughts, we may pride ourselves on being an open dialogue institute, but there were many times when I saw the minority voices shunned, no longer Lets live this out into the real world as I strive to by carrying forth on the voyage of the Revolution of the Bison.

—Darwin Manning ’13

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    Bye SonFeb 22, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    Grinnell is a school which shallowly makes claims of social and moral deconstruction, yet enforces a strict moral conditioning. First amendment? Please.