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Mistry Selects Superb Sandwiches

A sandwich, simple, yet sensational, is a supremely stupendous selection for any meal. There is always something to make a scrumptious sandwich within the Dining Hall, so think creatively and utilize the many ingredients that are always available, alongside special ingredients that are only available at certain meals. I’ll start you off with a few of my personal favorite sandwiches and then finish with some general sandwich tips.

First is the delicious peanut butter, apple and ham sandwich. While this may admittedly sound like a pretty weird combination, it works out to be addictively tasty. Start by grabbing two slices of bread (preferably wheat) and then spread peanut butter on each one. (I like to toast my bread for this sandwich, but it is totally optional.) Next, snag an apple or two from the fruit area, as well as a slice or five of ham from the sandwich station. Slice your apple using the apple corer next to the toasters, and place the apple and ham slices on the peanut butter sandwich halves. Enjoy your easy, delicious sandwich in mere minutes. Other great variations on this sandwich involve adding honey or cinnamon sugar.

Sometimes, I find myself craving grilled cheese, especially in the unthinkable event of tomato soup being available on the menu without the company of a grilled cheese sandwich. Luckily, we can turn to my quick and tasty grilled cheese recipe! We’re going to go a little backwards this time, and pick up the cheese and spices first. I grab a small bowl, fill it up with a little bit of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, then swing over to the spice rack for some gourmet goodness. Frankly, there is not much that does not go with cheese, so experiment away. I like to mix in a little bit of rosemary, some Italian seasonings and a petite pinch of seasoned salt. Mix these up with the cheeses, and head over to the bread and toaster (perhaps picking up a little bit of Parmesan cheese from the pizza station for your bowl along the way…). Toast the bread (or bagel) of your choice and get ready to move quickly. On one piece of bread, spread a thin layer of cream cheese; on the other piece, you can spread some butter and honey. Dump your cheese and spice mixture onto the bread, seal together the pieces and enjoy. The heat from the toast should melt the cheese, but feel free to microwave your sandwich or have the sandwich station toast it!

If you are looking for something pretty interesting, but a little more work intensive, I’ve got a sandwich for you. You can enjoy a Mediterranean chickpea sandwich anytime! Start with a bowl of chickpeas (and a lemon slice) from the salad bar. Add a very light splash of olive oil and go to the spice rack. I like to use a little cumin, some oregano, a little bit of lemon or black pepper, and a bit of parsley. Add your spices, mix them with the chickpeas (the olive oil should help the spices stick to the chickpeas) and microwave the mix for about 20-40 seconds, or until you think it is hot enough. I also like to crush the mixture up a bit using a spoon to make it easier to stay on bread. Add the mixture, along with red bell peppers and red onions from salad bar, to some toasted bread. If you’d like a sauce for the sandwich, combine some plain yogurt with some cumin and black pepper in a condiment cup for a tangy, delicious sauce.

Sandwiches are incredibly easy to make and very versatile and can even be adapted into wraps when you just are not feeling like bread. It can make it more fun to eat some classic dining hall dishes as well. For example, the classic Sunday brunch spread (eggs, hash browns, bacon) is fantastic when made into a bagel sandwich or breakfast burritos. Stir-fry sandwiches and wraps are also ridiculously good and are a fun way to celebrate the triumphant return of stir-fry. Be creative, use the many ingredients and dishes in the Dining Hall as sandwich toppings and eat well. Think outside the box—and inside the bread. You stay classy, Grinnell.

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