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Letter to the Editor: Avoiding end of year fines

At the end of every year, many well-meaning students find themselves still racking up fines during residence hall closing even after going through the effort of cleaning out their rooms.  Many of these fines are avoidable, with just a little effort, and go a long way to reduce extra hours of work for FM workers during an already difficult time. Below is a list of the top 10 ways to reduce your end-of-the-year fines and in the process show your respect for the hard work of FM.


10. Don’t take the college provided mattress cover ($23) with you. At the end of the year your mind  may be playing tricks on you, but that thin covering was there when you moved in and it should still be there when you move out.

9. Make sure that all of the college provided furniture is still there when you move and that there is nothing extra. A furniture move charge will net you a $50 fine.

8. If you took out your window/screen during the course of the year, put it back in. However, know that most people put it back in wrong or damage it in the process, so if you removed your window it is likely that you may be facing a fine ($25 to put back in/$50 if broken).

7. Remove any tape, nails, hooks, etc. from your walls. The charge for removal of these items is $25. If the holes are large (or excessive in number) you may also be facing a repair charge in addition to removal.

6. Do not cover or tamper with your smoke detector. In addition to being illegal and a major fire safety hazard, this will earn you the largest fine of all ($500).

5. Sweep up any extra items lying on your floor (coins, hair ties, paper clips, etc.). If there are numerous small items left behind or spills/stains on the floor and furniture you may be facing a $30 excessive cleaning fee.

4. Take your trash/recyclables/donate-ables out. There is a $25 per bag ($50 if FM has to bag it) charge for junk left in your room and for junk left in the hallway, so encourage your neighbors to take care of their trash too!

3.  Start planning/cleaning now. Box up your winter items, take out large amounts of recycling, sweep up those dust bunnies, talk with your roommate about who is responsible for which tasks. Every little bit helps.

2.  Lock your door when you leave at the end of the semester and turn in your key to your RLC in an envelope labeled with your name and room number. You are responsible for damage others do to your room after you leave if you do not take these preventive measures.

1. Sign up for a check-out time with your RLC. You can review your yellow room inventory form together to ensure you are leaving your room in the same condition as when you moved in. This is the number one way to reduce/prevent fines. If you do not check out with your RLC, you lose the right to appeal fines assessed to your room.


Good luck on finals and I hope you have a happy, fine free move out!

Autumn Wilke, Jamaland RLC

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