Remembering Nick Klawes

Nick Klawes ’13 died Tuesday. He was 22. The cause of death is currently unknown.

Nick was a Philosophy major and a resident of Madison, Wis. On Wednesday, there was a community gathering in JRC 101 to share memories about him. Nick was described as a loyal friend, a talented musician and an intelligent, thoughtful conversationalist who, despite his own vast knowledge, never made anyone feel like their ideas were useless. Friends also spoke about Nick’s performances at Open Mic Nights, his kindness in class discussions and his genuineness.

At the gathering, students were reminded of the variety of resources available at this time. RLCs, SHACS, the Chaplain’s Office, Security and Academic Advising are available to any student seeking support.

The S&B would like to create a public space to honor and celebrate Nick. We invite anyone to share stories, memories, photos, videos and anything else about Nick in the comment section below or to email photos and other files to for us to share here.