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The 2020-21 School Year in Review

A timeline and letter from the editors

Dear readers,

As The S&B’s new editors-in-chief, we first would like to thank you for your continued readership and support, without which we would not have been able to provide the coverage we did this tumultuous past year. 

We understand that as both a paper and a larger community we are headed into a time of significant transition and evolution in many, if not all, facets of our daily lives. As the new paper leadership, we will be working hard to determine what new form The S&B can take as we return to the JRC newsroom. While this task is formidable and often intimidating, we are honored and inspired to have this unique opportunity to shape the structure and presence of The S&B in the Grinnell community for years to come, and we thank previous editors-in-chief Zoe Fruchter and Seth Taylor for their constant devotion and leadership in this year of transition for The S&B. 

On this page, we have compiled a timeline of some of our most memorable stories since the beginning of the school year. From the derecho in August to the return to campus in February to an in-person commencement last week, the first ever remotely taught year amid the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped the steady stream of stories to report on in the Grinnell community. 

In order to focus on planning for what form The S&B will take in the fall upon returning to campus, we will not be publishing over the summer. We hope this timeline can act as a reference point of the work we have done the past year and a reminder of all the stories that have taken place that we might not have been able to fully process as they were happening. 

To students interested in working with us next year, be on the lookout for applications for fall staff positions later in the summer! We hope you can all take this summer to rest, reflect and rejuvenate from what has certainly been one of the strangest years of all of our lives. 

See you in August,

Eva Hill and Abraham Teuber


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