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We reserve the right t o moderate all comments on our website, Facebook and all other official platforms of The Scarlet and Black, including the right to delete or hide comments which we deem harmful.    

Contributed content 

We welcome contributed content from our readers. In the past, we have published columns, reviews, comics, photos, and much more. We regularly publish letters to the editor and op-eds, and our policies on those submissions are below. All content submitted for publication in The S&B is subject to the approval of the Editors in Chief and will align with our editorial standards. When submitting your work, you must include your name. See our policy on anonymity below.

The opinions expressed in letters to the editor, opinion columns and advertising do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The S&B, SPARC or Grinnell College.

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor are typically shorter (200-300 words) contributed pieces written in a letter format which address issues relevant to the greater Grinnell community or the coverage of The S&B. Letters to the editor are approved by the Opinions editor and editors in chief, but their text is not edited.


Op-eds are typically longer (300 words or more) contributed pieces written in an article format. Op-eds are subject to the editorial processes of the Opinions Editor, Copy-editor and Editors in Chief.

Granting Anonymity

The S&B only grants anonymity to a source or contributor if that person’s wellbeing, safety and/or security will be threatened by the publication of their name or other identifying details. The decision to grant anonymity is made by the writer, section editor and editors in chief.


The S&B corrects articles for factual errors and name misspellings. These corrections will be noted at the bottom of the article.

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